View Full Version : problem scanning black and white prints

Terence Falk
1-Jan-2013, 12:24
Every time I scan a gelatin silver print, the high values tend to break up; the original print is very even in tone in those areas. Also, I get white lines that are parallel to the image, which is perpendicular to the direction of the scanner mechanism as it goes along. Is it simply that I have a cheap ($90.00) epson v300 scanner or some other problem? It happens regardless of the settings i use to scan.


1-Jan-2013, 13:17
Try scanning BW with color settings.... When you try and expand contrast of the print, the bit depth is not handling the changes. Again scan as if the BW photo is a color print and then adjust most of the saturation out. Controlling color and saturation can make for some really nice color BW photographs

Jon Shiu
1-Jan-2013, 13:22
Make sure the white point is not clipping. Also, clean the calibration area of the glass at the top.


Terence Falk
1-Jan-2013, 17:15
thanks jon and mike; your ideas worked!

1-Jan-2013, 17:36
When I want the most control over B&W images I always scan in colour. Then if I need to work on say a faded print then I can go into different channels and adjust. Way more control. They used to say that a good grayscale conversion required making a really bad colour image.