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Tim Povlick
31-Dec-2012, 14:27
Could someone kindly help with a post-mortem (the E6 film is dead) analysis of what went wrong? Ten sheets of 4x5 are a very - very dark brown / black, everywhere. The film is drying down (almost dry) and is so dark the sun can't make it through.

I tried Tetenal Colortec E6 kit (1 liter). Mixed up from fresh chemicals using distilled water. The one deviation is I kept the bleach separate from the fixer(*). Ten 4x5 (Fuji Velvia) were processed in Jobo 3010 tank using kitchen sink. The water bath was held pretty 'tight' with temperature control. Instructions were followed exactly, except I did the bleach mixture separate from the fixer. The contents of the container gave the appearance this was alright as did the label of ingredients. I checked over at APUG about this step and while I didn't see a definite do/don't it seemed not using "Blix" was preferred.

I'd rather not have lost this 10 sheets.

I've used a C41 (Rollie kit) using same method with very good results (on C-41 film of course). That process is almost trivial.

Thanks for any insight.


31-Dec-2012, 15:17
Not knowing anything about Tetenal 3-bath (I do Kodak E-6), is there a possibility that the Blix-mix can only bring out the bleach and the fix properties when they are mixed together? I mean, they do go through a chemical reaction, no? For example in Kodak E-6, the color developer it made by combining two different chemicals along with water. I'm pretty sure things wouldn't work too well if I subjected the film to each one of those chemicals separately.

31-Dec-2012, 15:52
You have to mix the bleach and fix in a three step process, thusly why it is called "Blix".

I have used 6 step and three step kits many a time and have never had nor seen the problem you have experienced.

I assume the mixing instructions called for mixing the bleach and fix together?

John Brady
31-Dec-2012, 17:19
I use that kit with no problems, I am pretty sure you have to follow the directions and mix part one and two to create blix. I think the comments you have seen about one method being preferred over another is in regards to using the traditional five step chemistry versus the tetenal kit. I had always used the Kodak five litre kit but since it was discontinued went to the tetenal. It's very simple to use and has never caused me problems. Sorry you lost those ten sheets but next time make the blix and I am sure it will go smooth.


Tim Povlick
31-Dec-2012, 17:52
<snip> you have to follow the directions and mix part one and two to create blix.

Follow the directions, what an interesting concept. :-)
Bad on me, I was hoping this was a better method as it did take more time etc.

Thanks John, Raw and SGM for the trouble shooting help. I'll give the kit another go, following directions this time.

Best Regards and a good 2013.


31-Dec-2012, 20:32
Let it be a lesson. Never load ten sheets when using new ANYTHING. Test a sheet, man!

1-Jan-2013, 10:20
Re-blix and see if it fixes the problem.

Tim Povlick
1-Jan-2013, 14:57
Re-blix and see if it fixes the problem.

Hi Wayne,

They looked so bad I've tossed them; was wondering about that. :-)

Luckily these are from Joshua Tree NP.
It's a 3 hour drive from here so I will re-take them.

Nothing irreplaceable, that is for sure. The B&W's turned out well (Pyro PMK)



20-Feb-2013, 17:19
Hi Tim, I recently tried out the tetenal E6 3 bath kit with velvia 4x5 50ISO. I used their "re-use" technique, testing initially the dev times on some test films first. I mixed the FD, CD and BFX as recommended and overall I am pleased with the resulting images. As already mentioned, splitting the BFX may be the root of your problem.

After successfully trialling the Tetenal E6 3 bath kit on Velvia 45 50ISO, I intend to make some modifications to the procedures set down by Tetenal. I want a one shot process that gives me a maximum film yield of 12 films per 1000ml Tetenal working solution, and I want to process 12 45 sheets of film at a time. What I am proposing is discussed more fully at http://alexbondblog.com/2013/02/20/velvia-4x5-and-tetenal-e6-one-shot-technique/ When I get my next batch of chemistry I will test the times using my new proposed dilutions. If it all goes to plan I will post the results.