View Full Version : Ed Liesegang Dusseldorf Leukoskop no 7 ??

alex from holland
31-Dec-2012, 08:47
I own a Ed Liesegang Dusseldorf Leukoskop no 7
It's a very large and big aplanat design.

About 20cm tall
Lenshood about 13,5 cm
Focal lenght aprox 750 MM f9-10 ( have to measure it again)

I can't find anything on the internet on this lens.
Is the anybody who can give me some info?



alex from holland
31-Dec-2012, 10:54
I made some pictures.
maybe somebody recognises the design?
Just checked and it's f10
weight is 2.5 kilo


alex from holland
1-Jan-2013, 04:07

Don't tell me it's that rare because there is only one at the entire world.......;)

alex from holland
4-Jan-2013, 13:58
Ok, one last attempt. Nobody who owns such a lens or has more information?
Maybe it looks like another brand? I can imagine it was sold by Liesegang but that they made it.

Steven Tribe
4-Jan-2013, 14:10
Leukoscope is noted in lens VM - so it is not alone!

Reminds me of the early unmarked Euryskops. Engraving looks very like a make-shift "trial ballon/without much care" registration. I am sure Liesegang could make this kind on lens themselves - and should have done when they found out Euryskops were selling and getting excellent reviews.

Let us know if you find out more.

alex from holland
4-Jan-2013, 14:32
Steven, thanks.

i have seen this typical kind of engravings of Liesegang before.
They are not as "rich" as the beautiful Voigtlander of French engravings.

It's really difficult to find something about this lens.
On the groundglass it looks fantastic. And as you said, it must have a huge coverage.


Emil Schildt
4-Jan-2013, 15:03
I can't help you with this lens, but I have an old Liesegang petzval lens with a serial number a little lower than yours.

(I've seen liesegang lenses on the bay rather often - especially on the German one..)

I love my lens - am interested in seein ghow yours will perform..

Emil Schildt
4-Jan-2013, 15:44
Here's an even older Liesegang...

With different writing..


alex from holland
4-Jan-2013, 16:01
Here's an even older Liesegang...

With different writing..


That's why i sometimes think they rebranded lenses. That liesegang isn't a liesegang. That design is exactly the same as an Alexis lens from Paris i own. Alexis was beside Jamin a manufactorer of cone lenses (internal cone)
Elberfeld was the place where Eduard Liesegang started his production which laater moved to Dusseldorf. Strange thing is that he started with production of photographic papers which he sold later and started with optics. That might explane the thought of rebranding lenses at the beginning.


alex from holland
5-Jan-2013, 15:20
Somebody has send me this information:

This article was written in 1886

The progress of Photographie1) by Prof. JM Eder.
(Patent class 57th continuation of the report Vol p. 258 320)

Objective and photographic equipment. Under the name "" Leukoskop "" a symmetrical lens type goes on sale, or what the Euryskop Aplanat is essentially very similar and serve the same purposes as these instruments known.