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30-Dec-2012, 07:22
Has anyone used any of the Industar lenses? I've seeen 180, 210, 300, 360, & 600mm lenses advertised at really good prices. All are without shutters, but still at around $70.00 apiece they seem like something to try. I've got a FED-2 with an Industar 61 that takes really crisp photos so I was just wondering... Thanks for any input.

30-Dec-2012, 07:41
And here's some specs if you scroll down. http://www.largeformatphotography.info/docter-optik.html
For more, try the search function.

Dan Fromm
30-Dec-2012, 08:19
For the latest version of Arne Croell's account of east-bloc LF lenses and more (part of the old version is in vinny's second link) go to http://www.arnecroell.com/publications

I've had an Industar-51 (210/4.5), didn't care for it at all. Too soft, even stopped down. But quality control in the former Soviet Union was very poor, so I may have had an especially bad one. Opinions about them vary greatly.

Understand, these lenses' cells won't go into modern shutters. Unless you're a good machinist, value your time at $0.00/hour, and have access to inexpensive shutters in good order, you'd be better off buying lenses in shutter. If you're thinking that barrel lenses can be used on a Speed Graphic, you're right. But the only lenses much longer than 300 mm that will focus to infinity on a 4x5 Speed are telephotos. The 300/9 Industar-11m will do it with a little to spare.