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28-Dec-2012, 02:44
Hello everyone. It is my first post in this forum so my very warm welcome to every LF fan.
Now the question. I have an opportunity to purchase a few boxes of Adox CHS 50 in my favourite format 5x7. I use zone system but never have had any experience with CHS in this respect. Maybe there is somebody, who has tried pushing CHS. What I am looking for in particular is whether CHS is suitable for long development without loosing sharpnes, contrast or tonal range. What kind of developer would do for such an excersise? I will work out development time myself, but just want to know upfront if the film will be suitable for my needs. Thank you very much in advance.

Chuck P.
28-Dec-2012, 05:32
Have you been here (http://www.adox.de/english/ADOX_Films/ADOX_Films/ADOX_CHS_Films.html) yet? I was going to see what the tech sheets recommendations were for pushing, but they're not translated yet, but maybe you can read it. You gotta remember, its film, I suspect it's going to react like any film does when you push it, make a few exposures in this respect and see what happens, then do your ZS testing with it, just my opinion.

28-Dec-2012, 14:29
Thank you for your reply. Yes I have seen it already, but it just says the film is less sensitive to red than any "normal" means modern film is (they use orthopanchromatic sensitization term to describe the film capabilities), which translates to more dark lips and no necessity to use YG/G filters for portraits (do not really understand this statement, cause if it is less sensitive to red means all skins' imperfections are darker not lighter, are they not?), so not really a step forward in my inquiries. I think I will buy it and do the testing. No other way to wipe off the doubts.
Thank you very much anyway. All the very best.