View Full Version : New Cooke Convertible lens

steve simmons
14-Apr-2004, 08:54
This exciting new lens will be previewed for the first time in the US at the View Camera Conference April 23-25 in Monterey, CA

www.viewcamera.com for the conference program

Arne Croell
14-Apr-2004, 11:08
A short discussion of the lens including a picture (!) can be found on the f32 web site, <a href="http://www.f32.net/discus/messages/6/4008.html?1081951587">here<a/>.

Roger Hein
14-Apr-2004, 11:59
Very nice! I wonder if the lens will cover 11x14 with movement as the original did (or at least the one I had did)?

Edward (Halifax,NS)
15-Apr-2004, 08:51
I know we are supposed to be looking through lenses, not at them but that is one fine looking hunk of glass.

Ted Harris
15-Apr-2004, 09:20
Badger Graphics also has a picture and description on their website.