View Full Version : Sprint Film Developer

Steve Arnott
14-Apr-2004, 08:08
Could any of you who've used Sprint B&W Film Developer give me your opinion of it? I understand it's intended to work like D76, without methol. Is that true?

Thanks in advance!

Scott Walton
14-Apr-2004, 10:40
Steve, It does very much mimic D76 1:1 when diluted. I haven't used it straight but for all practical purposes, it is a good developer. I also liked their Stop bath as it is buffered with vanilla.

14-Apr-2004, 12:13
i use their fixer. it is easier than mixing powders, and is a regular 2:8 of 1: dilution.

Steve Arnott
14-Apr-2004, 14:34
Sorry, I meant to type "metol", not "methol".

Thanks for the replies so far. Guess I'll have to try a liter or two. Definitely up there on the convenience scale...

John Sarsgard
16-Apr-2004, 10:52
I use it all the time for Plus X, Tri X, HP5+ all the way from 35mm through 4x5. It says on the bottle that times and temperatures are equivalent to D76 1:1, and that has been my experience. For all intents and purposes, I find it to be almost a liquid concentrate D76, although I know that is not the case. I also use their fixer remover. BTW, the film developer is quite concentrated...you mix it 1:9 for the D76 1:1 equivalent.

Dan Jolicoeur
16-Apr-2004, 14:10
I have been Using sprint products for about 2 years, I recently went back to using D76 because of the shelf life. I buy from large suppliers but, there is no date on the bottle, and you have knowiadea how long it has been sitting on their shelves. The last bottle I used went bad, The 1litre stock bottle in 2 weeks. I had called sprint because the developer went black, and they said to pitch it because it was too old. I still use all their other products and like them.