View Full Version : Paterson MOD54 5X4 film insert for Paterson tanks.

Martin Courtenay-Blake
25-Dec-2012, 11:07
Has anyone tried the ralatively new MOD54 film insert for the Paterson system developing tanks? This item allows 6 sheets of 5X4 film to be developed in a standard 3 reel Paterson tank. This appears to be a great item but before commiting about Ģ50 ($80) or so I would like to hear about anybodies experience with it. I have been looking at BTZS tubes or possibly a tank and hanger set up but as I have loads of Paterson tanks for 35mm and 120 this could be manna from heaven.

Jan Normandale
25-Dec-2012, 11:19
All you would want to know to make a decision :





25-Dec-2012, 11:43
I use it for b&w. I've tried it with EPR and other Kodak E6 films and the film ALWAYS comes loose and ends up doing whatever it wants inside my tank. Fuji E6 works fine.

It's nice to use since I can develop in daylight, and it doesn't use up much chemicals. If I had the option I would use tanks and racks.

25-Dec-2012, 11:56
I have the Mod 54 and used it successfully for some time. I occasionally had uneven development where the film sheets get held into the holder and especially on even areas like the sky.

I eventually switched to a Jobo Expert drum and the results are much better and now use the Mod 54 only to hold sheets in Photo Flo batch.

So depending on your needs and budget, you might love it or not but it works for a lot of scenes and does not work for others. However it is inexpensive.

Hope that helps.

25-Dec-2012, 15:01
I have it and use it often. After you get used to loading it it is very functional. I have found that the only time that film slides out of the slots is when you pour the liquid out too quickly. As long as I pour semi-slowly I haven't had an issue. Works great for me.


25-Dec-2012, 16:19
I have it, use it and think itīs a good way for me to process my b&w. Itīs not so good to load it in a changing bag, I do it but itīs not ultimate. In a darkroom itīs much easier. I would recommend it.


25-Dec-2012, 16:40
The Mod54 is great!
An alternative is the Jobo 2509n (up to 6 sheets per run) and multitank 2, which is a modular system that can do sheet film and roll film using the same tank (different reels, 2502 for roll film).

You will use slightly less chemistry, never see a sheet become unloaded, and find that this tried and tested product which has been in production for more then 30 years offers perfect repeatable results every time.