View Full Version : Kodak High Speed Infrared Film in 4x5 sheets

Ted Stoddard
13-Apr-2004, 10:44
I have heard that it is still possible to buy Kodak High Speed Infrared film in 4x5 sheets....may be outdated but does anyone know where it can be purchased at if it can ? thanks Ted

Ralph Barker
13-Apr-2004, 12:30
Sorry, no leads for you on HIE. I assume you're aware that Maco has both aura and non-aura IR film available in sheets (4x5 and 8x10).

Ted Stoddard
13-Apr-2004, 13:40
I know about the Maco film but has anyone tried it and compared it to the kodak 4x5 film that is discontinued?

paul stimac
13-Apr-2004, 15:51
I have a box.What's the going rate?

Ralph Barker
13-Apr-2004, 18:04
I've tried the non-aura version of Maco, Ted, and like it. I never liked the glow of the Kodak film, so I didn't have any to make comparisons. Sorry.


non-aura Maco 820c with 89b filter

Ted Stoddard
14-Apr-2004, 08:18
thanks ralph for the info that is a really great shot and i think i am going to defintely buy some of that maco film with and without the backing and do some comparing also...... if i can find some kodak infrared 4x5 then i will compare all 3 and post the results on here......

well i did come in First and Second Place for a show at my college which is always cool.....First Place for a Digital Composite and 2nd for my Infrared shot in California redwoods area.....which i used kodak and used a widelux f7 for the shot came out really nice......

Luís Pereira Ribeiro
14-Apr-2004, 09:08

There's an I.R. forum/mailing list at "www.a1.nl/phomepag/markerink/ir_list.htm" where every now and then there is someone trying to sell old HSIR film.

Give it a try.