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Roger Thoms
22-Dec-2012, 22:56
I just purchased a Gitzo tripod and wanted to mount a Majestic 1200 head on it. In past experience I've had trouble getting the stud to stay tight so I decided to add some set screws to solve the problem. Not my idea, as the current Majestic studs have a set screw, but the older used head I purchased didn't.

For the Gitzo tripod I choose to use three set screws to correspond with the three slots in the plastic on the top of the rapid column. The first thing I did was to drill out and tap the 1/4x20 thread in the center of the Majestic stud to 3/8x16 to match the thread on the Gitzo center column. I then installed the Majestic stud on the tripod as tight as I could by hand and marked the location of one of the slots in the plastic. Using the mark as a reference I then laid the locations for the three set screw, drilled the holes and tapped the threads. Once the Majestic stud is threaded onto the center column of the tripod I tighten the set screws thus preventing it from accidentally coming loose.

A drill press was very helpful as I don't think I could have the holes straight enough by hand. I also found this You video and article which was helpful for laying out the holes for the set screws. http://www.popularwoodworking.com/woodworking-blogs/editors-blog/dividing-a-circle-into-three-without-a-protractor

Here some photos show the mod.



28-Dec-2012, 18:50
Dear Roger,
It's my way.


28-Dec-2012, 18:54
One more pic.

Roger Thoms
30-Dec-2012, 23:00
Pierre, looks good, had some ideas along those lines but I don't own a lathe. I do have a small drill press and a tap and die set so that dictated my solution.