View Full Version : What's these bubble-like substance inside the lens

13-Apr-2004, 03:37
Please someone tell me what's these bubble-looking dots as seen inside this glass? Thanks.


Steve Hamley
13-Apr-2004, 03:57

Appears to be an excellent case of "Schneideritis", the bubbling or flaking of the black coating inside the lens cells common to Schneider lenses. I have one Schneider lens with Schneideritis, but not nearly so prominent as this one. Most people say it does not affect anything but resale value.


neil poulsen
13-Apr-2004, 09:31
I have some Schneider lenses with this ailment. I've heard that Scheider claims it doesn't affect image quality.

But, one wonders.

I should think that it could result in internal reflections, which will ultimately raise flare levels. The one to which you point is a fairly extreme case. I have a lens with a moderate amount of the problem, and it's taken some excellent images.

13-Apr-2004, 20:02
Thanks for responding. Appreciate it.