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28-Feb-1999, 22:09
There are two types of b&w lee filters advirtised in the b&h source book one typ e sells for 70 bucks a filter the other sells for 14 bucks.Both types are the co lors (ie yellow #8 etc) and same size 4x4. Does anyone know the difference? thanx Josh

Larry Huppert
1-Mar-1999, 01:02
The two types are Resin and Polyester. Resin filters cost more, and are relatively "heavy duty". I believe they are about 2mm thick and rigid. They can be cleaned. A number of filter types only come in resin (like grad filters).

Polyester filters are much less expensive, and more fragile. I believe the raw filters are about 1mm thick, but you can put them in frames so they will fit a 2mm slot.

Both are suppose to offer similar optical quality.

Bruce M. Herman
1-Mar-1999, 23:52
The less expensive filters are as thin as film (<< 1 mm). Normally, you would mount them in cardboard holders. Unlike resin filters, they cannot be used in front of a polarizing filter (i.e., subject, polyester filter, polarizing filter, lens).

I purchase these filters when I'm uncertain about how frequently I'll use a filter or whether I'll even like it. Once I see that I'm a regular user of the filter, I purchase a resin version. My personal experience is that they are more scratch resistant than the resin filters.

If you don't use a polarizing filter much, these would work well for you.


Larry Huppert
4-Mar-1999, 11:42
Just to expand on the previous note. Polyester filter cannot be used in front of a polarizer, but they can be used behind a polarizer.

The ordering would go: Subject -> Polarizer -> Polyester filter -> Lens -> Film