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Miguel Coquis
20-Dec-2012, 03:56
Trying to put to work a very beautiful, light weight, vintage German folding 24x30 cm wooden camera.
All is there, intact excluding GG.
Will need 24x30 cm film holders and would like to know if this is a "standard" film format.
Any information about would be much appreciate.
Dimensions for the film holder emplacement: 34,7 cm x 28,2 cm
Thanks in advance for your contribution.


Steven Tribe
20-Dec-2012, 05:03
Dear Miguel!
These are lovely cameras.
I have the 18x24 (too many!) and the bigger sister 30x40cm in the same design.
There were a couple of 24x30cm cameras on that site recently - one did have a couple of film holders too.
I have seen the 24x30cm book-holder plate holders type sold separately as well. There seems to be a reasonable standardisation of outer dimensions (unlike 13x18 reisekameras). These do not attract the same kind of frenzy bidding that the inch size equivalents evoke!

I will let you know by PM if I spot some on other auction sites. I have not seen these sold with film sheaths, though.
I think 24x30cm may be a standard x-ray film size, like 30x40cm is. With book plate holders, it is possible to mount successfuly in the holder using a distance plate, without having to have the 2 metal edge lips.

Miguel Coquis
20-Dec-2012, 06:33

Glad to read you.
I agreed these are lovely cameras, Steven !
The other possibility to update it would be to mount a 8x10" spring back.
The thing is that the 8x10" camera spring back should not be thicker then 15 mm so to not difficult closing the camera.
Other wise I will use as you mention, 24x30 x-ray film.
Included is a pic done with a provisory shen hao 8x10" camera spring back and a Tessar 300 mm.
The problem is that with it, camera do not close and have to take completely camera back off to close.

thomas ciulei
31-Dec-2012, 04:38
Hi Miguel,

got almost the same version, actually a Reisekamera 24x30 by Ferd. Franz Meyer.
I am currently reworking it.
Yours seems to be the studio model.
I do have 2 holders, so if you need dimensions, i can pass those on.

cheers and a happy new year,

Steven Tribe
31-Dec-2012, 05:58
"Yours seems to be the studio model."

No, it is the standard type reisekamera design. Some models do have the expansion handle and mechanism at the back. I have a 13x18cm which uses the same design. The really big size - 40x50cm - could hardly be transported, though.
I personally think it is a shame to mount a newer back on these. I have made a one-sided 30x40cm film holder for mine to supplement the single double plate holder I have.

Miguel Coquis
1-Jan-2013, 09:34
Hi Thomas, thanks for your message.
Same for you, positives thoughts and wishes for the just born 2013 !!!
I al glad to learn about the 24x30 holders.
Ground glass frame is 348 x 282 mm, holders must fit this measurements.
It is possible there might be some work to adapt them perfectly, I can do that.
Thanks in advance for letting me know.

I agreed with you about changing for a newer back. I might not do it if it is possible to find the convenable film holders.
My best wishes up there too !!!

Happy NY 2013 with...at list few great pics ;) !!!