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11-Apr-2004, 19:59
I am running out of the old tri-x pan professional 4x5 film. I just bought a box of the "new tri-x".

I took several identical exposures using both films and developed them all in HC-110 B for 6 minutes.

The "new tri-x" negatives have noticably lower contrast which is quite disappointing given that I love the results I get with old tri-x.

Has anyone else had the same experience? Is so, how did you compensate?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

John Kasaian
11-Apr-2004, 20:37

As I recall, Kodak's recommendations for developing the new Tri-x dosen't include HC-110 dil B, at least for any length of time needed to ensure even development. I went back to D-76 when souping Tri-x and the combination works for me. YMMV.

steve simmons
11-Apr-2004, 20:38
My expereince with the new Tri-X is that it has a little more speed but less contrast. My developing time had to increase 15% to get the same contrast as I got with the older material.

steve simmons

Kevin Crisp
12-Apr-2004, 09:47
Jeremy: I am still working on my stock of the old stuff, but I did buy one box of the new, to shoot and develop side by side with the old, just out of curiousity, with all variables the same. (i.e., no adjustment for development time, same exposure, etc.) I develop in trays, HC110 dilution "B." There was an apparent minor decrease in contrast with the new Tri-X, something I imagine even 45 seconds or so of extra development would compensate for. The new film felt physically thinner when I was handling it, and measuring it, I also found the base to be thinner by 0.001" Not a lot, but noticeable. And b+f is less than the old, either as a result of thinner base and/or something else, which means the apparent difference in contrast when you look at the two negatives side by side on the light box may actually be less in the enlarger than it appears to be, since it takes less exposure to get a black through the new material. Finally, it seemed to me that it took the new material a bit longer to fix and lose a pinkish cast, not nearly as long as TMAX, but longer than the old.

Ed Pierce
12-Apr-2004, 10:01
Run your film speed and dev time tests - the new stuff works fine for me in HC110B, N time 7 minutes at 68 degrees.

Nick Morris
17-Apr-2004, 06:51
Ed, what iso are you using? thank you.