View Full Version : users of this medium as per art photography: CXS Ortho Green Film by Agfa

Dean Taylor
18-Dec-2012, 04:36

Any information--or direction to posts/links--on the subject of using x-ray film for art photography would be gratefully received.

Specifically: once exposed, making contact prints (the mechanics of how one would go about it--never having tried it), building a LF 'box' to hold the individual sheets, etc. Possibly a relatively inexpensive entrée into the next logical step up as a photographer...

On first analysis, it appears to be doable--and, e.g., not terribly expensive for a fairly large 'light-canvas'...

also, almost as an afterthought (and, pardon the digression): it would seem that this medium might be a good stopgap--vis-à-vis the chronic anxiety of film's imminent demise. That is, radiologists and the medical community will look to hard-copy 'documents' of pathology testing for their own archives...




mike rosenlof
19-Dec-2012, 09:58
There's a big thread somewhere around here on X-ray film. Try the search. Summary seems to be it's cheap, the double sided is a bit of a pain, easier to scratch. Some people strip emulsion off one side. No anti-halation layer?

Search for that big thread...