View Full Version : Where I can buy a flange or mounting ring for my Compound #3 shutter?

17-Dec-2012, 20:18
Hi all,

I'm looking for a flange to mount my Compound 3# shutter and the size diameter is 60mm. I checked on e-bay and it cost me almost 50bucks. Is there any cheap place or DIY on line? Thank you.

Vick Ko
17-Dec-2012, 20:34
I'd try here: http://www.skgrimes.com/home

And maybe here: http://www.focalpointlens.com/fp_intro.html

They may be able to provide one


Keith Fleming
17-Dec-2012, 21:07
Equinox Photographic's web site says they have many flanges for sale. The only requirement is that you send the lens barrel to them to ensure proper fitting. The link is: