View Full Version : Screw-in filter in Lee holder

9-Apr-2004, 15:24
I have a 77mm B+W polarizing filter without a front thread. I also have the Lee filter system (filter holder and lens adapters). I would like to use the polarizer in the holder, so I'm thinking of cutting a hole in a 100x100x2mm sheet of plastic (or wood) and attaching a 77mm thread (from a step-up or step-down ring). This way I can screw the polarizer into the panel, slide the panel into the holder and avoid buying the Lee 105mm polarizer.

Has anyone tried this sort of setup? Are there flaws in the plan?

Thank you for your help

Bruce M. Herman
9-Apr-2004, 23:07
I did something like this with an even larger B+W polarizing filter and a thin piece of aluminum. I had vignetting with my 90 mm lens. It'll work great with longer focal length lenses. Just be sure to test it with your wide angle lenses. In the end, I purchased a Tiffen warming polarizer and am much happier.

Best of luck, Bruce

1-May-2004, 15:04
I thought I would add that, having now tried this idea, I haven't noticed any vignetting with a 90mm lens.