View Full Version : Goerz Dagor 8 1/4"

Elias Butler
7-Apr-2004, 19:02
Hello -

I have a Goerz Dagor gold-rim 8 1/4" lens in very good condition with serial # 812984, which I believe dates it to the 1960s.

I am dissatisfied with the contrast this lens offers, though it makes excellent quality images otherwise. Can anyone recommend a schneider or nikon that would offer improved contrast with equally good image quality?

I'm also interested in knowing the value of the lens. It has a SK Grimes custom step ring to accomodate normal size filters and has a synchro compur shutter. If anyone has ideas about where to obtain specs or can give a ballpark figure for what I could expect on ebay I would appreciate it.

David A. Goldfarb
7-Apr-2004, 19:32
Are you using it for 4x5"? The lens has quite a lot of coverage (8x10"+), so your contrast problem may be bellows flare with a smaller format. Dagors have good contrast in general, and coated ones like yours in particular (I have an 8-1/4" and a 12", both Gold dot versions), compared even to modern multicoated lenses. Before you sell it, try a compendium shade to restrict the image circle to the minimum necessary, if you aren't already using one.

Donald Miller
7-Apr-2004, 20:02
I use an 8 1/4 inch Dagor on my 8X10 (non gold rim or dot)...no problems it delivers contrast equal to my more recent 450 Nikkor M.

7-Apr-2004, 20:25
My coated 8.25" (210mm) Dagor is every bit as sharp and contrasty as my 240 Symmar. I have a 6" Dagor that seemed to be getting soft, and looking slightly cloudy. I removed the elements from the shutter and cleaned the inner surfaces of some "greasy" stuff which must have evaporated from the shutter blades, and it's right back to par.

Elias Butler
8-Apr-2004, 10:43
Thanks for the pro-Dagor arguments. I haven't had it cleaned, nor do I use a compendium shade, I do use it with a 4x5.

It is a fine lens, so I am in no rush to part with it, but I will perhaps make some comparisons with a symmar 210mm to see what might be the difference contrast-wise. Also I will try cleaning and the shade.


David A. Goldfarb
8-Apr-2004, 12:01
I have an older 240 Symmar convertible, and I think corner to corner it's probably a little sharper at wider apertures than the Dagor for 4x5", but not necessarily contrastier. The Dagor has six elements in two groups, so only four glass-air surfaces, making contrast one of its strengths, even in uncoated versions.

Tito Sobrinho.
10-Apr-2004, 13:36
I have an uncoated 210 Dagor, a Gold Rim 305 as well as a 150 Gold Dot. They are all contrasty.