View Full Version : General advice on quarter plate film holders needed

12-Dec-2012, 08:37
Hello everyone

So by now most of you will know about this lovely old girl I am bringing back to life.

What I need to figure out now is how to work with the film holders. I have one of the three original holders that is totally intact and workable. Now I know I need inserts to make sheet film work in these holders but looking at the holders I am a bit confused.

There is a thin metal "page" inside that separates the two sides. This metal sheet has a spring loaded blade on the one side which, I believe, should hold the glass plate in place but it has this blade on the one side only...

Anyone who works with these who can give me a few pointers?

Much appreciated!

I am sure some images would help but I will only be able to do that next week sometime...

Cheers everyone!

12-Dec-2012, 08:54
On some holders that midlle piece is loose and pushes both plates againt the edges of the holder so only needs to be srung on one side.

Looking at my bookform holders it's possible to use film without a full film adaptor as long as the film can be sandwiched against stiff card or glass. This is quite different to the metal type thin holders used on 9x12/Quarter plate cameras.