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9-Dec-2012, 15:04
I just purchased a 6.5x9 Bergheil, with some holders. I always thought Freestyle carried that sized film, but apparently not any more. I did find it by Ilford in FP4, but can't find a U.S. source. There are online stores in England that have it, but the taxes and expense there are absolutely stunning! Are there any U.S. sources? If not, where's a good place to order it from? Finally, how hard would it be to cut down another size such as 4x5? I've never done anything like that. What about somehow sticking a cut piece of 120 film in there and gluing it down with honey or something?

G. Brassai

Oren Grad
9-Dec-2012, 15:10
A while back on APUG, Simon Galley of Harman/Ilford told me that their distributor should be able to supply any item that's listed in the Ilford PAL as a "stock" item at the factory. Since 6.5x9cm FP4 Plus is listed as "stock", you might try contacting your favorite Ilford film dealer to see if they can have Wynit (the US distributor) bring some in for you.

Martin Dake
9-Dec-2012, 17:36
The 6.5x9 film Freestyle used to sell was Efke, but they are no longer making film.
You can cut down 4x5 film, last time I did it I got 2 sheets per 4x5.
I used a rotary trimmer and it is quite easy but also easy to scratch or damage the film.
I used some Dyno tape used in those Dyno embossed label printers. I used the tape to make stops for length and width on the cutter so I cold feel them in the dark. As only 1 cut piece of film will have the original notch you have to notch the other piece so as to identify which side is emulsion side; I just cut the corner a little.

One thing you could try is to see if you can either find 2.25x3.25 holders that fit your camera or maybe the same size sheaths to fit your existing holder as this size film is quite readily available.

Good luck