View Full Version : 5x7 convertible lens on a conley camera

5-Apr-2004, 18:43
greetings: does anyone have any experience in using this camera/lens combination? i am interested in how it can be converted, which is mounted on a wollensak autex shutter. the barel around the front element says: 5x7 sym convertible. (from 1913?) also, i would appreciate any preactical suggestions on how i could adapt a 5x7 holder to use 4x5 film? thank you.

Ernest Purdum
5-Apr-2004, 20:28
The conversion is easy. You just take off the front cell so that you are using the back cell by itself.

A better arrangement than using adapting 5" X 7" holders to use 4" X 5" film is to adapt a 4" X 5" back to fit your camera. If you don't need or want a "Graflok" back, you can find decent 4" X 5" spring backs on eBay at very modest prices. Making an adapter to fit one to a Conley is a fairly easy job for a competent woodworker. It is possible to use inserts in your 5" X 7" holders, but it is a clumsy arrangement and the results are apt to be unsatisfactory.