View Full Version : New 4x5 filmholders for $10 if you want 'em

Kevin M Bourque
5-Apr-2004, 08:03
Hi Everyone -

Freestyle has new 4x5 film holders for $10 each (clearance). They're made by Tiltall...I have no clue if they're rebadged Lisco or whatever.

The usual disclaimer...I have no affiliation with Freestyle, blah blah blah....


Jim Rice
5-Apr-2004, 08:53
Be careful. The Tiltalls have a terrible reputation.

James E Galvin
5-Apr-2004, 08:53
They look like the Tiltalls I got on Ebay. No ridge to fit into the slot on the camera back. Thus massive light leaks. Also the plate in the middle is not tight, the film plane is thus not defined, and the film can slip sideways far enough to fall out of the opposite grove. The ones I have are not usefull for photography, an older thread (somewhere?) suggested using them for little picture frames.

Kevin M Bourque
5-Apr-2004, 09:13
I wasn't going to buy any myself but I'll file away the info for future reference.


Alec Jones
5-Apr-2004, 21:35
In this case, at least, the price is a clear indicator of the worth of the product!!!!! Avoid them at all costs. Not worth losing hard-earned negatives.

I wonder where these duds came from, anyway. And, it's a shame they had to choose a reputable name [Tiltall]. I'm assuming they weren't made by the Marchioni Co.????

John Kasaian
6-Apr-2004, 08:10

My understanding is they are(hopefully"were") made in China. I guess the folks at Lisco have job security, at least for a little while longer.

Witold Grabiec
6-Apr-2004, 14:06
By any stretch of imagination - stay AWAY from Tiltall branded film holders. If you want some, I can sell you mine unused for 5 bucks apiece.