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Leonard Metcalf
5-Apr-2004, 07:08
Have been looking for the archival longevity of various traditional printing process and I can't seem to find any. eg. Selenium toned fibre based prints, platnum / pladium, bromoils, photogravure, etc. I read many of the chapters of 'care of colour photographs', (but not all), and couldn't find the reference.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Rob Tucher
5-Apr-2004, 08:06
Historic American Buildings Survey and Historic American Engineering Record, administered by the Park Service, deal with this issue. They don't have a huge amount of information but it's a starting point and can also link you to other places. There are on-line web sites that they have and are connected to. They're also linked to the Library of Congress, which accepts photographs properly prepared for the HABS/HAER program, and they might have info. There's also a book on the production, care, and use of archival photographs but the name and author escape me. I'll look it up tonight when I'm home.

5-Apr-2004, 08:31
hi lenonard

you might also look here:


- the northeast document conservation center. THEY deal with archives, libraries, galleries and museums specifically about the issues you brought up :)

good luck!


Eric Woodbury
5-Apr-2004, 09:45
Some information in this book

The Photographer's Toning Book: The Definitive Guide by Tim Rudman