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frank ferreira
4-Apr-2004, 21:14
i have anumber of older shutters that have accumulated over the years. most of them are sticky and slow. in the past i've played with squirting with lighter fluid and other solvents. however, iam aretired jeweller..not watchmaker..and among my old kit is a small cmmercial ultrasonic cleaner. i am thinking of suspending a shutter in it but am wondering what solvent. for jewelry i used various strengths of ammonia...not for a shuuter in my mind. watch cleaners used prepared solvent that i can get. any other ideas...pro or con..i'll appreciate it no end. thanks frank ferreira

David du Busc
4-Apr-2004, 21:38
Micro tools sells a concentrate called Magic Green... might last you a lifetime. While you're at it, try some AK255 solvent. Good luck.

Scott Walton
5-Apr-2004, 06:30
I have taken mine apart and used 91% iso alcohol with great success. I would be hesitant about submerging the whole shutter (leaves especially) but your are many it seems so try one... All I did was to take the caps off to expose the insides and swabbed everything down and worked mine and they are working fine... The alcohol evaporates and a small bit of liquid lube and some lithium grease was used and they are in perfect working condition... even my old compound shutter.

Pete Watkins
5-Apr-2004, 14:36
I trained as a clockmaker many years ago and I did own an ultrasonic cleaner but I am out of date. The ammonia based cleaners can weaken springs made of brass or copper, steel seems to be O.K. I used to use a spirit based rinsing fluid which dried without heat. I would think that a spirit based solution would be good enough to clean any gunge from a shutter mechanisim without the need for any other type of cleaner. If the liquid changes colour as it removes dirt or old lubricant you could always clean the mechanisim in a fresh clean solution. Good Luck Pete.

Christian Olivet
5-Apr-2004, 20:49
I submerged the shutter of an old Kodak lens in acetone. It made a good job at cleaning it. The problem was that it cleaned what ever lubricant it had and made the shutter sticky. I wouldn't try it with a modern shutter though.

Paul Ron
27-Aug-2004, 17:56
Try getting some TEF SOLVENT. not the teflon lubricating stuff. TEF evaporates very fast and leaves absolutely no residue. Some old timers use lighter fluid, naptha. It works but takes some time to evaporate, I'd keep it off the blades.

Al W
30-Aug-2004, 10:34
Don't use anything flammable in an ultrasonic cleaner!!