View Full Version : Is Velvia that hard to come by nowadays? Store selling expired film.

6-Dec-2012, 09:11
I was buying film for an upcoming trip to Scotland. Bought 3 boxes of Velvia 50 4x5, it arrived today. One expired Oct. '12, one Dec. '12 and on Nov. '13. Not many shops have it in stock, but is it normal just to deliver (just) expired film without warning?

The film itself shouldn't be much of a problem, since I plan on using it in the next few months, I was just wondering if this happened more often or that I should make a big stink about it.

6-Dec-2012, 09:18
I had that happen to me once. Since it makes no practical difference I never complained or even commented on it. But it really isn't totally right.

6-Dec-2012, 09:28
it's discontinued, you're lucky to get any at all. I'd ask for a discount if you don't want your money back, which I assume you don't.

6-Dec-2012, 10:07
Yes, you're right. I've come to my senses again. I was just a little cheesed off. I was happy I got the film in the first place, just doesn't feel right when something like that doesn't get communicated. They just assume everybody knows it is get what you can get now. I'm just not one to speculate with film. I'll use for as long as I can, but I'm not gonna fill my freezer up with the stuff so I can still use it for a few years.