View Full Version : looking to buy a shen hao FCL57-A

4-Dec-2012, 23:26
been looking on badger at this camera, the site really dont say much about them, anyone here have one? was wondering about weight, bellows extension etc. i was going to get the 4x5 back as well as the bag bellows, looks like a pretty good deal. thanks for any info.

5-Dec-2012, 08:30
Maybe you've seen this already.


Noah B
5-Dec-2012, 08:37
Howdy, I just bought this exact camera a couple months ago. It weighs around 6 pounds and folds up quite nicely. As far as bellows go, they extend out quite far but I haven't measured them exactly. I use a 210mm lens and it's perfect. The only thing I'd suggest is a good fresnel screen, the ground glass on the camera isn't the brightest, but it's pretty good in low light situations. You should get it! I love mine, I shoot with it on a daily basis and it's performs really well.

5-Dec-2012, 08:40
have you called or emailed badger?
I don't see any reason why they wouldn't give you any info you need.

5-Dec-2012, 09:26
thanks for the information, actually i posted this very late last night, i figured someone on here owned one so i could get info and a review thanks Noah. i bought the ptb45 about 3 years ago, super light weight camera,

Noah B
5-Dec-2012, 09:35
No problem. Post some pics if you end up getting it! I've always been curious about the ptb 4x5, looks like a good shooter but I like the longer frame of the 5x7. Cheers

5-Dec-2012, 09:50
thanks scott, no i didnt see that

evan clarke
5-Dec-2012, 12:17
My neighbor got the first one that cam into the US with both a bag bellows and a 4x5 back. The extension bails out at around 240mm with the bag but the normal bellows creates a bellows vignette with his 110xl. He is happy with the camera. I have an XPO for use withna Sinar ahutter and have been happy with it..

6-Dec-2012, 07:18
thanks evan, noah, the ptb45 is a great little camera, i weighed mine when i first got it and it weighed 46 ounces without the lens. movements were a bit quirky at first but i got used to it, i had been using a toyo 45gII out in the field. not a very good hiking camera considering 14 pounds. i noticed they have went up in price quet a bit since i bought mine.