View Full Version : Fuji B&W 400 sheet film

tim atherton
3-Apr-2004, 11:31
Does anyone know if Fuji makes and sells (probably outside the US of course) their 400 speed B&W film in sheets?

Oren Grad
3-Apr-2004, 20:48
Tim -

Fuji's home-market webpage for B&W film -


- lists only Acros 100 in 8x10, and no Neopan 400 in any sheet film size. None is listed on their global B&W film page either:



Bruce Watson
4-Apr-2004, 20:29
Doesn't look like it. I wish they did - and sold it in quickloads. I'd love a 400 speed film in quickloads. I'd switch from Tri-X in a second.

Oren Grad
4-Apr-2004, 20:35
Aaah, for some reason I first read Tim's question as asking specifically about 8x10 - too much big-camera stuff on my mind, I guess. But I've not been able to find evidence of the existence of Neopan 400 in any sheet film format, so the answer unfortunately seems to be no anyway...