View Full Version : ND CF filters, 58mm SA-XL polarisers again....

Mike Lyons
2-Apr-2004, 05:15
Hi to all. Some advice comments from SA-XL 58mm users would be appreciated. Anyone used this lens with a Heliopan .45 ND CF filter? Will it clear the front element? If I put a 86mm polarizer on the front of the filter, what is the chance of vignetting? And finally, to minimise the number of huge filters I have to carry (and buy..) has anyone got an easy method of attaching smaller filters to the rear of theSA-XL 58mm and the Nikkor 90mm F:8? Regards- Mike

Bob Salomon
2-Apr-2004, 07:04
There is no problem using the Heliopan CF on the 58mm. As long as you use a slim second filter you should also be OK. You should never mount filters behind the lens on lenses not designed for special rear mount filters. Doing so will create a focus shift with any filter = to 1/3rd the thickness of the filter (so a gel would have the least shift) as well as any mark, scratch or defficiency in the filter will directly effect the final image.

David A. Goldfarb
2-Apr-2004, 08:26
One thing to watch out for, though, with any ultrawide lens in any format is uneven polarization. For landscapes, ND grads are often a better solution than a polarizer with a lens this wide (presuming you are shooting 4x5" with the 58mm).

Bob Salomon
2-Apr-2004, 08:47
Doing outdoor shots with large expanses of area that has been partially polarized (sky) will lead to banding when you use an ultra wide lens with a polarizer. This may result in an image you are not happy with at all.

Mike Lyons
2-Apr-2004, 16:15
Thanks Bob and David. Having used polarizers on a 20mm lens for 35mm format (before relatively recently dicovering the joys of 4x5...) I'd be avoiding having the sun in the "wrong" position for the 58mm+polarizer.I was thinking more of scenics without sky,and forest shots to increase saturation and reduce reflections off streams and leaves. Who makes 86mm polarizers in slim versions, and are they available in "warm" versions? I don't think B&W do (not in MRC line) but I could be wrong. How about Heliopan? Thanks again- Mike

Bob Salomon
2-Apr-2004, 17:32
Heliopan makes slim polarizers but warm types are not available in slim mounts. We stock slim polarizers up to 95mm. So 86mm are no problem. 105 are also available but they have a 4 week delivery time.

Bob Salomon
2-Apr-2004, 17:34
My previous answer refers to Sh-PMC multi-coated Heliopan polarizers. In standard types and Kaesemann as well as warm tone we have them up to 105mm. sizes up to 135mm are available on S.O. in linear types.

Mike Lyons
2-Apr-2004, 18:21
Bob, thanks for the prompt reply. You have been of great help. Now off to check the suppliers for prices. I won't have much luck in Australia, I suspect. Thanks , Mike