View Full Version : Efke 25 ORT - thoughts

1-Dec-2012, 06:38
I started a thread a while back about the demise of Efke PL25 panort. I have since ordered a few boxes of Efke 25 ORT and am wondering if anyone knows what its curve looks like. How does it compare to its panort PL25 cousin? I can't find much info on it at all, no data sheet. All I can find is that it is more contrasty that PL25 panort and that it may be sharper than PL25, and its ort characteristics of course. And someone suggested that it needed more development time (pyrocat hd).

Anyone have experience with Efke 25 ORT they can share?


Gary L. Quay
2-Dec-2012, 17:15
The density curve is steep. I use it only in low contrast situations and develop it in PMK Pyro. In my experience, when compared to Efke's panchromatic films, it is the equivilent to N+2. I don't have access to my development charts right now, but you can go to www.digitaltruth.com, and check out the Massive Development Chart.