View Full Version : View Camera Techniqe 7th ed. by Leslie Stroebel

Masayoshi Hayashi
17-Jun-1999, 19:57
I didn't know the new edition was published this April 1999 until I stopped by a library today. I just mention here that Leslie Stroebel has updated "Table of Features and Specifications" of view cameras in Chapter 12.17 (pg. 302-319), including Arca-Swiss F-Metric, Wisner pocket Expedition 4x5 and o ther new cameras since the last edition was published. Chapter 12.19 "View camera lenses" was also upda ted. I can't comment on o the new topics or minor modification because I don't have a 6th ed. (which I rea d) on hand but there is a new section "12.15 Computers and Digital Imaging" (pg. 286-300). As other people rec ommend, the 7th ed. is definitely a stop by for a beginner and anyone who wants to see the comparison c hart. I think some qualified people could follow up this thread for comparing 6th and 7th ed.

John O'Connell
18-Jun-1999, 10:48
I almost bought it even though I own the 6th edition just for the color: bright fuschia. The only differences I noticed were the revised camera info, rearrangement of the text, a big chapter on digital (including lots of toolbar illustrations), and some better pinhole information. Not enough for my $45 again, but that color is so obnoxious... It reminds me of my copy of "The Latin Sexual Vocabulary," a dry scholarly text published in a day-glo orange cover.