View Full Version : Look me up at VC Conference

Kirk Gittings
1-Apr-2004, 11:16
Who's going to the View Camera Conference? Look me up and say hello. I love to chat with LF geeks like myself. I'm presenting on Architectural Photography so you can find me by my name tag or at the presentation. I had a ball last time. Best time I've had outside of shooting or printing in years. Hope to see you there.

Paul Metcalf
1-Apr-2004, 13:48
I'm there (met you at the last one in Albuquerque) and will look you up (at the beer counter in the evening, for sure!). Will you be wearing your Teva's this time?

Jan Pietrzak
1-Apr-2004, 14:29
Kirk, Paul,

I, too am looking forward to that weekend, should be a great time for all I am glad that we are not head to head on sunday my presentation is in the second session that day. I am really looking forward to seeing some old friends, meeting new ones and seeing a lot of good work. I will be looking in bar for you both. Should be in town early friday look for a big guy with a big camera. Until then. Anyone wishing to set and talk, just stop me and ask.

Jan Pietrzak

Bruce Barlow
1-Apr-2004, 14:46
See you there! I'm bringing 400+ prints from The Great Paper/Developer Shoot Out so folks can choose their own favorites from apples-to-apples comparisons of ten papers in eleven developers.

We just did a WEMALF event (WEstern MAss Large Format) where almost 30 photographers picked their favorite paper, then their favorite developer for that paper. Everybody had a good time, as far as I can tell. It was Proof of Concept for what I want to do in Monterey. We should have a good time there, and since no one else is as crazy as me, you're unlikely to see anything like this again. I'm looking forward California.


Andrew Held
1-Apr-2004, 15:06
As a beneficiary of Bruce's invaluable print and developer test at WEMALF last weekend, I strongly recommend Monterey attendees take advantage of his workshop. By working for months on the photographic equivalent of the Human Genome Project - Bruce has unveiled the DNA of black and white printing.

Kirk Gittings
1-Apr-2004, 16:51
Paul, I like to think that all of my creativity goes into my images and not into my wardrobe. Much to my wifes dismay, and I probably still have those Tivas so there's a chance. However, you'll have to look for the new thinner me. I've lost about 30 lbs. The pictures Steve took of me at the last conference that appeared in VC were a real wake up call. I was hiking around Sedona last week and I sure appreciated the lighter weight equipment!

Kerry L. Thalmann
2-Apr-2004, 01:59

I will be there. I'm flying down on Friday and back on Saturday evening (I have an important prior commitment Sunday morning). I'm giving three presentations on Saturday. So, it doesn't look like I'll have a lot of time to socialize, but it will be nice to say "hi" to some old friends, and hopefully meet some new ones as well.