View Full Version : Schneider versus Rodenstock

30-Mar-2004, 14:35
Hello, this is my first question to foum:

i use an old linhof with following optics:

58 xl schneider 5.6 90 schneider super angulon 8 180 rodenstock sironar n

My forst question is if are there difference between rodenstock and schneider in quality (about color rendition contrast etc), i know that final shchneider have more movments. I ask you this because i note a difference with 180 that seems to be more sharp and contrasty. Second question is if there is quality imporvement (except that for dimension and luminosity) to change 90 SA F8 with 5.6 older model non xl or rodenstoc 6.8.

Thanks and my best regsrds, Giorigio

Ralph Barker
31-Mar-2004, 08:45
Although one might notice variations between indivudual lenses, my impression is that equivalent designs and generations of lenses between Rodenstock and Schneider will be very similar in quality - top notch. I haven't seen resolution comparisons between the various 90mm lenses, however, so I'll leave that one to others who are more familiar with those lenses.

Frank Petronio
31-Mar-2004, 20:41
Aww, let's call a spade a spade. Rodenstocks are better. Schneiders have Schneideristis.

Kerry L. Thalmann
31-Mar-2004, 23:00
Schneiders have Schneideristis

So do some Rodenstocks and even an occasional Fujinon.