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26-Nov-2012, 23:09
Looking for a scale drawing/shop sketch of a back for a studio camera. Century 8a preferred but any standard maker will do, will adapt to my needs.... Could also be a reference book on camera construction including holder design. If anyone knows of such a book I can search to buy or library search to borrow, I would be most great full and willing to repay you in some appropriate way that works for us both... film, $$, hand ground glass or camera repair(wood studio camera, I probably have the wood to match)... Thanks, the guy who's entering his forty-first year as a classic & acoustic guitar, lute and oud maker and restorer, Bill

27-Nov-2012, 20:38
Very interested in this thread.

Thanks, the guy almost entering his 41st year, who knows three guitar chords, is sometimes loud and rude, and would love to complete the restoration of his big old wooden camera.

Vincent Pidone
28-Nov-2012, 16:01
This may not be exactly what you want, but might get you started:


3-Dec-2012, 21:23
I bought this book some days ago :



4-Dec-2012, 23:19
that looks like a great resource, i would love to build an 11x14 camera, a while back a fellow had an 11x14 camera for sale on here, looked like all it needed was bellows and gg for 200 bucks, it sold within minutes of course

5-Dec-2012, 01:02
I'd be also interested in drawings of a 8a (11x14, double Bellows… :) ), not just the back, but the complete camera :)

If one of the lucky owners would be so kind and provide pictures and mesurements, I think I could make a scale drawing. I had this idea for quite a while, but couldn't get my hands on a 8a to gather all the Information needed.

9-Dec-2012, 11:47
Eddie located a back for me so I don't have an immediate need for the dwg... still think the information is important to us all as far as the complete camera (as does klw ). So let us all know if you happen to turn something up. In the mean time I'll "keep an ear to the track" too.... Bill

17-Dec-2012, 19:07
Wondering if there is an ancient Mil Spec hiding out there some where just as there is for the double sided film holder now called ANSI IT3-108.
Or perhaps a German DIN spec. Very little in the way of German equipment does not have a DIN referenced standard for material and dimension.