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Pete Watkins
30-Mar-2004, 13:41
I have recently aquired two barrel lenses and I am asking if they will screw into an easily available shutter. The first is a Xenar f 4.5 135 mm lens that I paid 15 uk pounds for at a recent camera fair here in the UK. The other is a Repromaster 1:9 , 25/213 lens. This looks too big to fit my Wista 5x4 but if it will cover 8x10 I can use it on my bigger camera. Thanks for any helpful advice. Pete.

30-Mar-2004, 14:44
If that's an Agfa 210mm F/9 then I don't think it'll fit a shutter. I'd love to be proven wrong. I was lucky enough to find a speed-o-scope shutter [something like that] that fits the front of the lens barrel quite well. No flash sync of course but other then that it's got everything I could dream off. Speeds even seem fairly accurate. Other then getting lucky finding something that fits a packard would work.

Jim Galli
30-Mar-2004, 15:27
Pete, the big 213 will not fit anything. It will however cover 12X10" sharply so If you need a big heavy sharp wide field for 10X8 it certainly would fill the bill. Packard shutters are nice for these. Or slow film and a lens cap. There were a couple generations of 135 Xenar. Copal 0 size would be f4.7 and since yours is f4.5 my guess is it's the earlier one that would go into the older Compur 1 shutter with no other fiddling necessary. If front and rear threads are a different size like 42mm and 35mm that would confirm my suspicion. jg

30-Mar-2004, 15:57
Are there two different repromaster lenses? The one I have isn't that big or heavy. Not like the JML. That is big.

Jim Galli
30-Mar-2004, 20:10
Sort of. But I didn't think there were 2 different 213mm ones. There's a nifty small one that's 210 f9. Same size and weight as a G-Claron f9 Then there's a rather big heavy 213mm one. Neither can go into a shutter. The big one covers a lot more and is sharper farther out past the center.

31-Mar-2004, 08:38
I just checked my two Agfas [210mm and 105mm]. It's a super intergon [Or similar]. Sounds like my lens is different then the repromasters.

Řyvind Dahle
1-Apr-2004, 02:09
You should be able to check if the fit any of the new yourself, look to S.K.Grimes: http://www.skgrimes.com/products/index.htm




Older might also fit


Arne Croell
2-Apr-2004, 06:32
With respect to Nicks remark, the Repromaster and Super-Intergon lenses where all made by Staeble near Munich (owned by Agfa since some time after WWII). They also sold the Staeble Ultragon and Eskofot Ultragon. All of these are probably the same lenses (but I am not 100% sure), the name depending on the process camera they were sold with.

Pete Watkins
2-Apr-2004, 10:30
Thanks to all of you who responded to my request for information. The Repromaster is a large lump of glass and I think that I'll opt for a Packard shutter, as for the Xenar Im now looking for an old style Compour 1 shutter. Many thanks. Pete.