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David Casillas
26-Nov-2012, 10:34
hi to everybody.

I have been reading about toyo ax and toyo AII.
All people says that the only difference is the reversible back in the AII and the rotating back in the AX.
However, lookinga at the specs for the AX at http://www.toyoview.com/Products/45AX/45AX.html it list a front shift bed of 40 mm each side while the AII doesnt list this feature.
Would an AX user be so kind and explain this shift bed to me, how does it work?

Thankyou in advance.

26-Nov-2012, 10:42
The AII does have front shift. The total shift is about 5/8" (16mm) total, or about 8mm in each direction. Shift is accomplished by releasing the locking lever for the front standard. The locking lever also controls front swing and front standard fore-aft position.

David Casillas
26-Nov-2012, 10:53
tank you chassis,
If you look at the link for tha AX specifications, it lists a shift of 7 mm each side, and beside that it lists a front bed shift of 40mm each side.

Louis Pacilla
26-Nov-2012, 11:06
Maybe by "bed shift" they mean bed drop/rise of 40mm either way of 90 degrees so drop down 40 mm from 90degrees or rise of 40mm from 90 degrees.

The "front standard" shift is of 7mm either way R-L of center.

Brian C. Miller
26-Nov-2012, 11:53
I think what they might mean by "shift bed" is swinging both the front and rear standards, so they remain parallel. You can see this on the Toyo 45AX page (http://www.toyoview.com/Products/45AX/45AX.html), the fourth picture from the top. Swing both the back and the front, and then shift the front for the maximum total camera shift.

You can also get far more than 20mm rise from the camera by loosening the bed lock knobs, and then locking them back down with the bed inclined. I.e., tilt the back forward, and then adjust the tripod pan head so the back is vertical again, and then tilt the front standard forward. Instant massive rise!

David Casillas
27-Nov-2012, 10:52
Thanks to everybody for your helpfull comments.

3-Dec-2012, 05:04
You can find the manual for an AII here:


I have an original manual for my AX. It's identical to the AII manual but there's a label on the front cover which hides the AII and replaces it with AX.