View Full Version : APO Sironar-S 135mm market value?

20-Nov-2012, 17:28
Opinions of value on an APO Sironar-S 135mm in excellent condition? KEH doesn't have any Sironar-S listed, and I've seen the new value, but not much info on used values. Opinons?

20-Nov-2012, 17:40
I paid $650 for mine in as-new condition about a year ago.

Thought that was a pretty good deal. New is about $1600.

That lens series is pretty rare on the used market.

- Leigh

Ivan J. Eberle
20-Nov-2012, 19:34
With two auctions presently on eBay (ending tomorrow), and two recent sales coming up in Advanced Search ($635 used, >$1700 new), it's not terribly hard to find out what they're going for, or the lens itself. Both the auctions currently running look like they'll wind up about where the other recent sale did.

I cheaped out and bought the Caltar IIN version of the APO Sironar N 135mm f/5.6, because there is so little difference in the image circle at this particular focal length. These commonly sell used for 1/3 to 1/2 what the Sironar S sell for used. Mine happens to be an extremely sharp optic.