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John Kasaian
19-Nov-2012, 22:19
I was just on Igor's website and he's got some boxes for sale for $40 a pop:cool: If I didn't already have some in the freezer, I'd sure be interested!
I don't know if these are the old 25 sheet or newer 50 sheet boxes though (if 50 sheet I might spring for another box or two!)
I have no connection with Igor's, but I know how expensive it is shooting 8x10 these days and TriX is very good stuff so I thought I'd post this. Moderators if I've busted the rules, please delete this post :o

20-Nov-2012, 00:04
Who is Igor?

Daniel Stone
20-Nov-2012, 00:38
Who is Igor?


If it expires in 2013, it'll be 10sht boxes. I remember selling (10) cases of 50sht boxes of 320TXP to a guy back when Kodak killed 50sht qty boxes in all 8x10 emulsions... My coworkers @ Samy's were all a bit mad at me because I was willing to help the"he looks like a bum"(he was dressed kinda shaggy, disheveled, etc..) who turned out to be a big sale(approx $10k IIRC) for an upstart 20yr old film-counter grunt(aka, me @ the time) ;)... He also ordered a few cases of 8x10 Polaroid 804 and 809 thru me when that got killed too, good times...


P.s. Kodak, PLEASE bring back 50sht boxes of 8x10 film, please!!! It'd make air travel sooooo much easier than these 10sht boxes!

20-Nov-2012, 02:22
I'm not seeing a link to the film...

20-Nov-2012, 02:37
It's tucked away in Large Format Accessories: http://www.igorcamera.com/large_format_accessories.htm