View Full Version : Efke Pl 100 not available in Europe ?

Manuel Gomes Teixeira
28-Mar-2004, 10:42
Hi, everyone,

After trying to order Efke PL100 in 5x7" and 8x10" from Fotoimpex, I was told that is out stock without prevision of delivery time. I've tried Photax in Sweden , but they only have 5x7 and delivery only in Scandinavia. As far I know those are the only places that sell Efke sheet sizes in Europe. Can someone advise me about any other place where this film is available in Europe ? Can you confirm that Maco 100 Plus is Efke PL 100 repackaged ? Could perhaps be a solution !

After reading Sandy King words about the excellent results with Efke PL 100 I'm really interested in trying as alternative to FP4 with Pyrocat-HD for Pt/Pd. Any input about this matters will be welcome. Thank you all.

Kindest regards

Manuel Gomes Teixeira- Punctum Studios Ltd- Portugal

28-Mar-2004, 11:42
Hello Manuel,

I did a fast check on the net, maybe these guys can help you out:

http://www.versandhaus-foto-mueller.de/ in Germany


http://www.retrophotographic.com/ in England

I don't think Maco 100+ is Efke PL repackaged, but I may be wrong...

Regards, Jimi

John Cook
28-Mar-2004, 16:29
It is my understanding that Fotokemika, the manufacturer of Efke, is subject to strict Croatian government price controls which severely restrict their profits. They therefore prefer to export their film to countries where market conditions permit a higher selling price.

To this end, John (from JandC) once told me that they sometimes purchase an entire production run from the (very small) factory for distribution in North America. This occasionally creates a severe shortage of product in Croatia in particular and perhaps elsewhere in Europe.

If you are located in North America, my advice is to patronize JandC. If you are traveling to Europe, donít expect to purchase Efke after you arrive. If you live in Europe, you may indeed have difficulty from time to time.