View Full Version : Source for Quarter plate 31/4x 41/4 film in the UK?

Roger Hesketh
18-Nov-2012, 19:46
Please does anybody know where I might buy some quarter plate film in the UK?

The last time I bought some, which was admittedly a couple of years ago, it was from Mr Cad. They no longer list it nor do Silverprint. Any ideas you have would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Michael Cienfuegos
18-Nov-2012, 21:14
Ilford makes it available during their annual special order run. Since you are on that side of the pond, you might try Foma, I think they make it.

20-Nov-2012, 07:53
Foma doesn't normally make it, but they claim they can provide custom cut formats. I don't have any clue what would be minimum order then.

20-Nov-2012, 19:31
I don't know how bad the import duties will hurt you, but you can buy it from Freestyle Photographic, in Hollywood, Cal.

Roger Hesketh
22-Nov-2012, 03:27
Thank you all for your advice. I will look into getting some from Freestyle. Not sure about import duties these days I have not bought much in the way of photographic equiptment from your side of the pond in the last few years. It used to make a difference how it was shipped. By surface post and uninsured it often slipped through the net. Get it wrong and you would end up with the postman demanding a large payment before handing it over. VAT now at 20% plus Import duty. Not just upon the value of goods but upon the value of the postage as well and then to add insult to injury some Numpty in the Postage Office would then not apply an exchange rate differential.
So for example for an item bought on Ebay in the U.S.for say $200 the Post Office Numpty will apply the the taxes on the basis of a 200 value. Then when you try to ring them to request a refund you sit for 3 hours listening to Greensleves. I have never ever managed to get through. I do not believe anyone answers that phone.I have had to pay out 65 ($100) in charges for a $200 item before now.
This is one of the reasons why Speed Graphics etc are so much more expensive this country.
Below 19 value however no duty is charged. Having said all that it is very possible you have located the last quarter plate film for me. Thank you . So I will have to either bite the bullet or get the Rotatrim out. Once again thanks

Roger Hesketh
22-Nov-2012, 04:21
Update Lumiere in France have some Wephota 100 ASA.

22-Nov-2012, 07:04
Update Lumiere in France have some Wephota 100 ASA (http://www.lumiere-shop.de/index.php?page=categorie&cat=641&x42df9=md4t8ms23imag8i9n4b6i3qfimeuoojt).

Useful website, I acquired a 100 sheets of Adox/EFKE quarter plate film at a camera fair (a stall holder brought it especially for me) but I'll be betting some film from France soon :D