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17-Nov-2012, 22:01
So I have a 8x10 E-6 slide that came from the lab with some weird brown-grey streaks on part of it. I put a bit of water and gently rubbed a few of the streaks off, but not before noticing an odd color shift wherever the water went on the sheet. Now that it's dried a bit the shift is gone but there are water streaks and whatnot all over, which don't look unlike the original streaks I was trying to clean off. (Thankfully this sheet isn't worth a whole lot to me.) What's the proper method for cleaning large format E-6? Google is of little help. Oh and I suppose advice on flattening the damn things would be nice, too. :rolleyes: Next time I'll make sure the lab cleans my stuff properly...

Daniel Stone
17-Nov-2012, 22:18
Sounds like you need a new lab altogether... brown streaks?

Try pec-12 for cleaning it up

17-Nov-2012, 22:20
It was a small area (A few square inches at most) on one of the four slides I had done. Unfortunately they're the only local lab that does 8x10 E-6, so I'll stick with them unless it happens again and they don't resolve it themselves. I'm glad this didn't happen to a slide I won't be able to rephotograph.

18-Nov-2012, 19:23
You should probably re-wash the whole sheet to get the most-uniform result. Modern E6 processes don't have preservative in the last step any more, so this should be OK. Safer though if you can get a little bottle of E6 final rinse, and that stuff is very cheap.