View Full Version : Fast Shutter Mounting

Bruce E. Rathbun
27-Mar-2004, 10:24
Once again I am in a small bind. Self inflicted wound of course. Does anyone know where I can get a 19" Artar mounted into a Copal #3 shutter by the 30th of next month? I called the S.K. Grimes shop and was told about 4-6 weeks. They are closed this coming week so that does not look promising. Any other suggestions? I could always take the lens minus a shutter but I would prefer a shutter. Next month is the annual out west vacation. Utah is the destination. I am sure that I could get away without a shutter but I would feel much better with one. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

george verbryck
27-Mar-2004, 10:36
I have it good authority that this type of work is done by century optics on occasion. I have not been there myself but I know someone who has ,they are in Los Angeles. Cheers George

Kevin Crisp
27-Mar-2004, 11:19
Bruce: If all else fails you could put a Packard shutter on the front of it, that would be a fairly easy and inexpensive way to have a shutter until you can get it done by Grimes or somebody else.

27-Mar-2004, 11:37
how about richard ritter in vermont. he advertises in vc magazine all the time ...

Gem Singer
27-Mar-2004, 13:20
Hi Bruce,

There is a Copal #3 shutter for sale on the photo.net classifies section. Perhaps you can purchase the shutter and do it yourself. Or, have a local camera tech. do it for you. It would certainly be a faster way than shipping the lens off to a tech. and waiting for the delivery time.

John Kasaian
27-Mar-2004, 20:57

I finally got a 19" Artar in a shutter(which is sweet indeed!) but for the longest time I've used them in barrel form with a lenscap instead of a shutter. I've found my exposures were long enough to where having a shutter, while very nice, isn't a life and death situation. I suppose it depends on what you're shooting, but I thought I'd add my 2-cents. ----Cheers!