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16-Nov-2012, 18:16
I mentioned in a previous thread these weird marks, I 'm getting with my brand new scanner.

It's torture calling Epson supportó so last resort here.

It's not the film. I did some more testings. It only happens when the 4x5 chrome goes into the lower holder, and happens always, and in the same position upper middle. Glass has been cleaned well.


16-Nov-2012, 20:19
Did you clean the underside of the glass as well?

16-Nov-2012, 20:34
Cleaned all glass. Called Espon, so it will probably get returned. Any ideas?

C. D. Keth
17-Nov-2012, 15:03
So it only happens with chromes? Not negatives?

Ulrich Drolshagen
17-Nov-2012, 15:20
I have them too. Looking nearly the same but not that large. Really annoying.

17-Nov-2012, 20:01
Chromes, Ulrich, It happens on bottom holder of 4x5 but not the top holder.
You are doing 4x5 , same, bottom holder?
What think it is?
Did it occur right away?
How long you had the machine?

25-Nov-2012, 18:46
You notice that the blue mark is the same shape in all of the scans. Is the mark in the same place on your scans? If so that may help to locate the reason for the mark.

25-Nov-2012, 20:09
Yes, everything is consistent. Epson saw some screenshots and have not got a clue. I have to debate whether to accept a refurbished unit. They wont send a new one even though my is brand new defective.

3-Dec-2012, 14:41
EPSON is sending a new unit. They were contacted on my behalf by B&H, which shows the quality of buying from B&H.

3-Dec-2012, 19:25
EPSON is sending a new unit. They were contacted on my behalf by B&H, which shows the quality of buying from B&H.

That's great news, Ken. It's always nice when a company goes a little farther than they are legally obligated to do, even if it requires a bit of prodding.

Rick "hoping the new one solves the problem" Denney

3-Dec-2012, 21:21
Thanks Rick! Props to B&H, and the nice guy from Long Beach Epson who called. (he did mention to me you can request a US support rep take the call)

5-Dec-2012, 19:52
Carter, my new scanner arrived today, you are little late to the game here.
How do you know the underside is dirty? The glass looks perfect. This is a new scanner hardly used.

just doubled checked again, clean as a whistle both top and bottom glass. But it would be nice to know what causes this. The offshore Epson tech did not know.