View Full Version : Polarizer for wide-angle lens

QT Luong
15-Jun-1999, 22:08
Which polarisers would work well on wide-angle lenses without causing vignetting ? by wide-angle, i mean 90 and 110 in 5x7. these lenses both have a 67mm filter thread. i have alredy tried (a) thin version of the b&h filter (cuts a bit of the image circle) (b) no rmal b&h 82mm + 67->82 ring (worse), (c) cokin P + singh ray filter (that i like because they make a good warming tone polarizing filter, but vignetting comparable to (b)), (d) 77 filter that i modified by moving the retaining ring and glass forward so that the filter can rest directly on the barrel (no vignetting, but awkward, esp. if the lens is pointed down, i have to use tape or rubber to prevent it from slipping down). If possible, i prefer to use a warm tone polariser over a normal one.

Howard Slavitt
16-Jun-1999, 00:34
Have you tried option (c) [Cokin P holder + singh ray filter] with a modified Cokin P holder? I have cut the last two filter holding mounts off a P holder [and in another case only the last filter holding mount] to limit vignetting with other lenses (i.e. a 20 mm in 35 mm format). It solved my problems.

QT Luong
16-Jun-1999, 02:34
I do have the Nikon polarizer in 72mm, but it's not available in 67mm and I think with the 67->72 it would vignette.

I did cut off one of my Cokin holders, and actually it's not the holder which vignettes, but rather the polarizer.

Larry Huppert
16-Jun-1999, 15:55
The Lee 4" filter system will do what you want. You will probably need the wide-angle screw thread adapters. I have also used 4 inch filters over a center filter by having Steve Grimes make a custom slip-on holder which works fine with 4" filters over the center filter of a 47SA-XL lens.

james mickelson
17-Jun-1999, 03:21
Have you tried over framing your image? Then you can crop in the darkroom and not worry about vignetting. James

Britt Leckman
17-Jun-1999, 10:36
I had a similar problem, which was solved by making a slip on filter holder for an 82mm filter which could then be pushed very close to the rim of the lens. I made the "slip on" filter holder by measuring the ouside diameter of the lens, then matching it with the inside diameter of the nearest sized step ring for an 82mm filter. I then glued and trimed black velvet on the inside of the ring for a snug yet non abrasive fit. This works well, and I can still mount an over sized wideangle lenshood to the 82mm filter.

Bob Salomon
18-Jun-1999, 10:40
Why not just use a Heliopan WA polarisiing filter? They are larger in front than in back, calibrated and available in Kaesmann linear and circular types. We normally have them in stock so your dealr can get one for you quickly.