View Full Version : More on Ross Lenses - A contemporary account (1871) of these lenses........

16-Nov-2012, 05:24
See http://antiquecameras.net/rosslenses.html


16-Nov-2012, 06:22
Great job for those classic Ross lenses' collectors, Dan~

Steven Tribe
16-Nov-2012, 06:55
Nice reading! I take it there were big adverts from the American importers in the same magazine issues.
But then, as I have have all three Ross CdeV versions (of which there are quite a lot available in the UK still) and the No.3 Cabinet, I am easily convinced! And I have played with the two actinic designs, too.

This was the beginning of the stagnation period for Ross (in contrast to Dallmeyer) which they partly recovered from by licensing the Goerz and Zeiss anastigmats in the 90's.

16-Nov-2012, 08:11
Thanks for this. I really like the great history of Ross, how he trained Dallmeyer, et al.