View Full Version : Adhesive backed felt sources(or alternatives?)

Daniel Stone
14-Nov-2012, 11:52

I'm re-habbing my KMV, its seen a good bit of wear. I almost completely dis-assembled it last night(had to remove bellows to send away for a new set), so I figured might as well give it a good cleaning up. Spent almost 3hrs doing such! Still not show-worthy, but she's a bit cleaner than she was at the start ;).

Point of my post here is this: the felt on the back has started to fall apart(I guess ~50-60yrs is long enough of a life span ;)), so I'm going to replace it. My digital calipers tell me when its compressed, its about ~1.0-1.1mm thick. Uncompressed, about ~1.5mm thick. So... cue the power of the Google! This is what it turned up:


Just wondering if anyone here has used such a product, and if so, how has it stood the test of time(and repetitive motions of film holders being inserted/withdrawn repeatedly(like 1000x or more)?

if you have an alternative for a long-lasting method of attack, I'm all ears. I want to do it right, not just "cheap and easy". If that means forgoing the adhesive-backed route, fine. Gutters where it'll be placed are cleaned out and swabbed out with 95% alcohol to clean out any residue.



Greg Davis
14-Nov-2012, 12:07
For my KMV, I replaced it with velvet like the original. I bought a scrap of the plushest velvet I could find, attached a sheet of double sided adhesive fim, then cut it into ribbons and placed it in the channels. It seals nicely and leaves less fibers than felt.

14-Nov-2012, 15:19
Walmart sells it by the sheet in their crafts department. A little over a buck and I did exactly the repair you describe on my KMV with perfect results. I also used it as a light seal for a long extension (top hat) lens board that was made for my KMV, Its from two "L" shaped pieces of aluminum, so the joints were sealed to light tight by sandwiching with the same product over about a ten inch length. Good stuff.

C. D. Keth
14-Nov-2012, 16:31
This place (http://www.fpi-protostar.com/hitack.htm) was referred to in another thread. I just ordered a sheet of their adhesive flocking to help out my gandolfi, if you want I'll let you know what I think when I get it in a week or so.

Daniel Stone
15-Nov-2012, 22:59
Well I went a'shoppin today :)

Hit Wally-world(thanks Lenser for the tip), but they didn't have anything, just adhesive-backed foam. Oh well...
2nd hit was a score(I think): Michael's craft store had this:

3/8" x 3yd Nylon Ribbon(like velvet on one side)

I also purchased some "E6000" industrial strength adhesive, and while enjoying "The men who built America"(really interesting show btw!) I went to business fixing it all up!

So the new light-seals are currently under 24hrs of "pressure" while the adhesive cures. We'll see once its done if the $10 I spent on materials(ribbon $2.99, glue @$3.99, glue brushes $3.29) will have gone to waste or not...