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13-Nov-2012, 11:48
Hello everyone. My company has been using this camera since about 1990 and it works wonderfully well for what we do. Our core business is notary stamp production. We use 10x12 film shot on the Kodak image maker and then use that developed negative to begin the stamp making process. Unfortunately we are starting to encounter some issues and I'm thinking the camera is nearing the end of it's life cycle. I am unable to find anyone relatively local (Panhandle of Florida) that can either repair or even refer me to anyone who knows much at all about this style of camera (vertical processing). I stumbled onto these forums today with the hopes that someone may be able to either recommend someone or know of a shop that would at least know what I'm talking about.

I would like to know specifically if there is somewhere that still manufactures this style of camera. I'm aware that the kodak image maker itself is no longer in production, but what about other brands or at least a camera that one can use 10x12 film on? Our business does not require a camera with a lot of bells and whistles. We pretty much do the same type of shot over and over again. So I imagine a basic version of a camera type that matches our old Kodak would suffice. I've contacted Kodak and they didn't have anyone on staff that could speak to me about this older technology. Even the shop online that I buy our film from doesn't have anyone able to refer me to someone with a bit more knowledge. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

13-Nov-2012, 14:13
Unfortunately we are starting to encounter some issues and I'm thinking the camera is nearing the end of it's life cycle.

I'm sure you will get a few good responses here. It would help if you describe whether the problem is with the computer/camera interface or a mechanical issue. If the issue is mechanical, there's bound to be somebody here who can point you in the right direction. If the problem is electronic, your options might be a little more limited (i.e., waiting for another one to come up for sale online).

Vertical process cameras capable of handling 10x12" film do come up from time to time on that auction site, but you're going to have to get lucky to find one in your area.


13-Nov-2012, 14:37
Given that the printing industry is going digital, process cameras come up on craigslist all of the time. There seem to be a lot of NuArc and Argyle horizontal process cameras up for less than $250 bucks, but none in Florida currently. If you're not married to the Kodak Image Maker, there are plenty of pre-computer process cameras lying around if you keep your eyes open.

This is what I use to search all of craigslist: http://www.adhuntr.com/2012/05/all.html?cx=partner-pub-9413604915893153%3Ao8xsd8d7h7s&cof=FORID%3A11&ie=UTF-8&newwindow=1&q=%22process+camera%22&as_qdr=a&sa=Search

Here's one within a two hour drive from me for $200 bucks (obo): http://nashville.craigslist.org/bfs/3366060912.html

14-Nov-2012, 06:26
Thank you for the replies so far. The main issues we are having with our camera is an inconsistentcy in the result of our nagatives. For years on end we would leave the settings in a predetermined state that would produce a very dark negative area with very clear outer portions where there is no graphic. In the past couple of months we are having to make slight adjustments to the exposer time because the negative is coming out over exposed and unusable. We have adjusted the light sensor and exposer time to correct this from happening but it's very finicky.

The camera is operating well outside of these inconsistentcies. I'm in a position where I need to at least find a suitable back up if and when I encounter a situation that cannot be tweaked in such a way to produce a workable negative. I'm also not in any way bound to only looking for cameras in FL, I was just saying I feel I have exausted all local options. Thanks