View Full Version : Information on 14x17 Bausch & Lomb Tessar

Jeff Dyck
24-Mar-2004, 12:35
I recently prurchased an old 8x10 camera and it came with a "14x17 Tessar Series" Bausch & Lomb lense (mounted in a Ilex #5) - I have been mostly unsuccessful in finding any information about this lens - can anyone point me in the right direction?

John D Gerndt
24-Mar-2004, 16:02
The Tessar has a well-recorded history as perhaps the most popular lens design in history. It is a compromise or universal kind of design that can be optimized for reduction, enlargement or normal photography. B&L was licensed by Zeiss to make that version (I believe). It should throw a mighty image circle 21-24 inches across. You’ll be using only the center of its field and should have great sharpness there. It sounds like you got yourself a deal.

Ernest Purdum
24-Mar-2004, 16:32
John Gerndt is correct in thinking that B&L was a Zeiss licensee for the Tessar design. There were several others. The lens has four elements in three groups, two individual elements in front and a cemented pair at the back. It was designed in 1902 by Paul Rudolph, and Tessar derivatives have been made ever since. These include many highly regarded lenses such as the Commercial Ektar and the Schneider Xenar.

The 14 X 17 Tessar has a focal length of 19 3/4" (502mm).