View Full Version : How to remove scotch tape residue from old negatives?

Forrest Cooper
9-Nov-2012, 12:05
Does anyone have a good solution to remove old scotch tape residue from negatives? I'm working with the local historical society to help archive several hundred thousand negatives from our old town photographer. Please remember some of the tape residue is a few decades old. Thanks in advance for the help.
Have a great day,

Drew Wiley
9-Nov-2012, 12:29
PEC-12 will do a fine job.

Forrest Cooper
9-Nov-2012, 12:38
Awesome! Thanks Drew for the quick reply.

9-Nov-2012, 21:39
You could post in the photoconservation yahoo group to get an opinion from experts (or so one assumes).

11-Nov-2012, 13:45
I second, third, fourth and fifth Pec-12. Buy Pec-Pads to go with it. The combination is amazing. I'm restoring, scanning, and archiving about 20,000 images in my current project and Pec-12 has proven itself again and again!

26-Nov-2012, 15:23
Would someone tell me what is Pec-12 !?

Bruce Watson
26-Nov-2012, 15:28
Would someone tell me what is Pec-12 !?

Google is your friend.

26-Nov-2012, 22:52
It's a relatively safe emulsion cleaner. It works very very well. Just know that nothing is 100% safe and you still need to be careful. Buy the Pec-Pads to go with it. They provide the perfect accompaniment to PEC-12. I cut each pad into 4 squares and 1 package of pads and a bottle of PEC-12 lasts me for years and I'm working on a project of restoring and scanning 10's of thousands of old prints, negatives and slides from 1910 to 1980. I've used it heavily and only 1 time has it harmed the emulsion and that was on the old Nitrate film base that was in bad shape to begin with.