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9-Nov-2012, 05:04
Hello all! I joined the forum yesterday. Some of you probably recognize my name from APUG. I wanted to say hi, and introduce myself to those of you who may not be elsewhere on the interwebs.

I'm just starting to stick my toes in and test the waters of LF, as I just picked up a 4x5 (which I can say for certain is now a 4x5) yesterday.

I learned film in the mid 90's in high school, and recently returned to it just a little over a year ago. I started with 35mm (Nikon), then moved into MF (Hassy), and now I'd like to try a little LF.

I'm looking forward to checking out the forum further, and learning as much as I can.

Thanks for having me!

9-Nov-2012, 07:48
Welcome to LF! The water is fine -- but stay away from the Kool-aid...

Alan Gales
9-Nov-2012, 09:41
Yeah, Vaughn puts Everclear in it! :)

Welcome to the forum and be sure to check out the Home Page for a wealth of free information.

9-Nov-2012, 13:49
Yeah, Vaughn puts Everclear in it! :)

Hey -- untrue...it was my wet plate friends that did it!

9-Nov-2012, 14:05
I bet y'all are the kids that are made to sit in the back of the classroom huh? LOL ;)

9-Nov-2012, 14:45
Hey, I was only sent to the principal once! (and he took my cap grenade away...bummer)

Alan Gales
9-Nov-2012, 15:57
Goodie two shoes!

Alan Gales
9-Nov-2012, 16:19
Chris, You're going to like this forum. There are a lot of "good people" like Vaughn on here. A lot of us act silly sometimes but I have learned so much since I joined a couple years ago.

Andrew O'Neill
9-Nov-2012, 20:20
Welcome to the forum, Christopher!

10-Nov-2012, 04:54
Thanks y'all.

Alan, sounds like my kind of place!