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8-Nov-2012, 06:14
Just awaiting delivery of a 70mm back, brings me the subtle quandry of how to develop the film. Can anyone suggest how I could modify or fabricate a plastic reel, or indeed a lasagne type reel for this. Trying the smaller format approach first (have an aerial camera that takes 5" rolls that I'd like to use - thinking that the lasagne / film apron approach may be best). What would be the best material to use and how best could I make the dimples to ensure the whole film gets developed?
Hopefully if the 70mm proves successful, then creating such a reel for the larger 5" roll should be a matter of scaling it up - last I looked I think it was Agfa who still makes aero film in 5" rolls. . .

Jim C.
8-Nov-2012, 11:35
Does it have to be a reel ?
My first thought was to have a spiral CNC milled into delrin or another type of machinable plastic.
Did a quick google and Lomo makes or made a reel that was used to develop super8 film -


The Lomo reel might be easily adapted to hold 70mm film which I think is the same size as 120 roll ?

Then there is this novel approach using a PVC pipe -


Steve Smith
8-Nov-2012, 12:08
Most reels are in two halves and are adjustable for various (or two) film widths. It should be possible to modify them to get them the right distance apart.


Bob Salomon
8-Nov-2012, 12:23
With or without sprockets? Sprocketed 70mm is quite a bit wider then 120/220. How long a roll? 70mm is usually many feet longer then 120/220 film.

8-Nov-2012, 13:46
Thanks for the help so far - I've got perforated and non perforated. Unless I can get a suitable material for making the lasagne/apron I'll be going with the extending the reel option - I realise that this would limit me to 220 length though - hence looking to find out the materials used for the 35mm film aprons / lasagne reels, then simply scale it up and use a paterson or JOBO tank for inversion or stand process.

Michael Cienfuegos
8-Nov-2012, 21:53
120 film is only 62mm in width. There is a 616 stainless reel on Ebay right now, it is 70mm wide. A bit short for 700 film, but at least the film would fit the reel.